Commercial Roofing Services

The Commercial Roofing Problem

Have you considered the differences between commercial and residential roofing? Often, the two types of roofs have very little in common. The substantial majority of residential roofs are pitched, that is, they are designed so that water (or, for that matter, anything else) that falls on the roof will immediately run off. Commercial roofs, on the other hand, are often flat, or nearly flat.

Although water and other substances that land on a commercial roof will ultimately flow off the roof, they may not do so quite as quickly as if the roof were sharply sloped, like a residential roof. This, in turn, means that commercial roofs may employ much different materials than the ordinary shingle roof on your home. Great care must be taken in designing, building and repairing such a roof.

The experience and professionalism behind a commercial roofing job can often predict the outcome — and you want the besst outcome you can achieve for your commercial roofing job.

Commercial Roofing Materials and Structures

One of the problems with commercial roofing services is the complexity of the designs and materials used in commercial roofing. Most residential roofs have asphalt shingles that are relatively simple to remove and replace. Commercial roofing materials and structures are much more diverse and complex.

A competent provider of commercial roofing services must be familiar with metal roofs, shingled roofs, and roofs covered with various sorts of metal or fabric.

Sometimes, various materials are layered to provide a built-up roof. You’ll want to consider the cost of different roofing materials as well as their effectiveness and durability. To do that, you want to choose an experienced provider that employs well-trained professional roofers for your commercial roofing services.

You Want Cross Timbers Roofing

At Cross Timbers Roofing, we provide you with the assurance that competence and experience brings. We know the business of commercial roofing services, whether it’s building or repairing commercial roofs. We have been providing commercial roofing services for years, and we employ well-trained roofers who know the ins and outs of commercial roofing services.

Whether you’re building a new commercial building, or maintaining an older commercial roof, we can help you evaluate your options. Then, once you make a decision, we can bring to bear our experience and training in commercial roofing services to make your choice a quick and cost-effective reality.