Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials used on residential homes today. They’ve been around for a long time, but the quality of today’s asphalt shingles has improved greatly from where they were 20 years ago. Asphalt shingles are now typically made with a more advanced fiberglass and modified asphalt, making them much more durable and able to withstand severe weather events.

At Cross Timbers Roofing, we install, repair, and replace asphalt shingle roofing systems to safeguard your home for years to come. We will work with you to select the perfect color, texture, and warranty that best fits your budget and style of your home.

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Metal Roofing

A metal roof is one of the most durable roofing solutions you can put on your home. Not only does it look great but when properly cared for, it can outlast most other types of roofing on the market. While asphalt roofing materials have a life expectancy of 15-35 years, a metal roof can last between 50-100 years!

There are many attractive metal options available, including copper, steel, aluminum, and zinc. While all are strong, durable roofing options, some are capable of withstanding wind gusts associated with category 5 hurricanes and wind speeds greater than 157 mph. Metal roofs can work in almost any climate, and some types are especially beneficial in places with hot weather as their ability to reflect solar radiant heat can reduce cooling costs by 10-25%. Best of all, metal roofs require less maintenance than other roofing materials require.

Cross Timbers Roofing has the expertise to install a beautiful metal roof on your home or, if you have an existing metal roof, provide repairs when needed.

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Slate Roofing

Slate is a roofing material made from natural stone and is known for its durability and unique look. In addition to being water-repellant and fireproof, slate is also highly resistant to wind and hail making it an extremely long-lasting option for homeowners. Slate roofs have a lifespan of up to 200 years, much longer than the average 15-35-year lifespan of traditional roofing materials. It is often a favorite roofing material option for architects and homeowners due to the combination of long-lasting roof protection and enhanced beauty.

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When you’re ready to choose the right roofing material for your home, contact Cross Timbers Roofing. Our team of roofers is unmatched in the Central Virginia area and can help you make the best choice for your home!

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