5 Common Commercial Roofing Problems We See in Richmond, VA

commercial-roofHouses aren’t the only structures that endure damage and require roof repairs. Commercial buildings experience a range of roofing issues, too! And, just like homeowners, large and small business owners, as well as property management companies, must seek a certified roofing contractor in Central Virginia to perform repairs on one of their most precious assets: their buildings!

Leaks, clogged gutters and damaged shingles are typical for both residential and commercial roofing. However, there are some problems that are unique to commercial roofs only. Here are seven examples:

  1. Blocked drains. Tree branches, leaves and all sorts of other debris can collect on top of drain covers and slow proper water drainage.
  2. Standing water. If drains become clogged with debris, standing water on the roof will follow. What will also follow is roof deterioration and eventually leaks if a pool of water is left sitting for long periods of time.
  3. Displaced pitch pockets. Pitch pockets protect the pipes that run through roofs. On the occasion that a pitch pan becomes dislodged, water will then trickle down the pipelines and cause leaks.
  4. Flawed flashing. Like pitch pockets, flashing keeps water away from pipes and other objects that protrude from the roof. As flashing expands and contracts in response to outdoor elements, it can tear and make joints and seams vulnerable to water leaks.
  5. Improper installation. The building’s roof never had a chance if it wasn’t installed correctly the first time around. Poor workmanship invites a host of roofing problems from the start.

Not all roofing contractors perform repairs that extend to commercial roofs. So, in cases like those listed above, it is necessary for a place of business to hire a contractor that specializes in commercial roofing repairs. Cross Timbers Roofing in Richmond covers common roofing problems and other services related to commercial roofs, such as:

  • Metal roof repairs
  • Slate roof repairs
  • Flat roof repairs
  • Gutter repairs
  • Roof leak repairs
  • Reroofing

Roof leak repairs are expected, but other roofing repairs can be avoided if a diligent maintenance schedule is followed. Maintaining and recognizing problems as soon as they arise in commercial roofing are key in preventing extreme damage, especially since roof repairs cost a moderate amount of money.

Cross Timbers Roofing is the place to call for all commercial roofing repairs and maintenance that combines affordability with excellent craftsmanship. With several offices conveniently located throughout Central Virginia, from Charlottesville to Richmond to Hampton Roads, Cross Timbers Roofing provides reliable service and uses quality materials for all customers.

To hire a skilled contractor to inspect, repair or to start a new construction project on your commercial roof, contact Cross Timbers Roofing in Richmond, VA, at 804-275-9373.